If convicted on robbery charges, you could face a significant prison sentence of two to 15 years. If the charge also involves a deadly weapon, you could face additional consecutive time from one to 15 years. It is imperative to involve skilled robbery charge attorneys in Las Vegas in your defense case as soon as possible.

Maningo Law provides highly effective defense services to people who have been arrested on suspicion of or charged with robbery. Robbery is a violent crime, and you need a violent crime lawyer in Clark County

What Is Robbery?

Robbery is a type of burglary and theft charge. What sets robbery apart from another type of theft charge is that robbery involves violence or the threat of violence. A common type of robbery charge is robbery with the use of a deadly weapon. When a deadly weapon is used, penalties upon conviction are enhanced. In fact, the prison sentence can double, and robbery with use is a non-probational offense. Conviction of a violent crime such as assault or robbery is a serious matter that the prosecution does not take lightly.

The skilled defense attorney at Maningo Law vigorously defends their clients. You can feel confident that they will pursue the best possible outcome in your case and take it to trial if necessary.

We Provide Straight Answers and Honest Guidance

At Maningo Law, the attorneys are open, honest and direct with our clients. They do not make empty promises and do prepare you for all possibilities. They will explain the case, the possible consequences and your options.

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