Juvenile Crimes and Detention

A person who is under the age of 18 is considered a juvenile in the criminal justice system. However, in a few types of cases, the juvenile will automatically be considered an adult. Whether your son, daughter or other minor is being charged as a juvenile or as an adult, you need skilled Las Vegas juvenile crime defense lawyers committed to protecting his or her rights.

Maningo Law provides highly skilled and effective defense services to people under the age of 18 being charged as juveniles and adults. The skilled Nevada drug charge attorneys can build an effective defense that protects the minor’s rights, freedoms, and future. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation by calling the firm locally at 702-XXX-XXXX.

A Law Firm Dedicated to Protecting Juveniles’ Rights

In the criminal justice system, defense attorneys interact heavily with clients’ families. This interaction becomes even more important and consistent when the client is a juvenile. If your son or daughter was arrested or charged with a crime, you can turn to the defense attorneys of Maningo Law with confidence. The lawyers communicate openly and honestly with both the juvenile as well as his or her parents. This open, honest communication can foster favorable results.

The law firm provides juvenile defense services for:

Battery and domestic violence

Burglary and theft

Drug crimes

Probation and parole violations

Sexual assault

Solicitation and prostitution

Violent crimes

Casino markers and bad checks

Gang crimes

School crimes

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If the juvenile is charged with murder, kidnapping, robbery or certain types of sex crimes, he or she will be certified as an adult.

In many cases, the judge will lean toward rehabilitation. However, if there has been a violent crime, there is a punitive element that will be involved. The law firm consistently strives to limit juveniles’ time in custody and get them into rehabilitation programs.

Penalties for juvenile crimes can range from “boot camps” to adult detention centers to probation.

The attorneys at Maningo Law know that your child deserves a solid defense and a second chance. Criminal matters can affect future opportunities, including education opportunities, job offers and access to student loans. The law firm is dedicated to protecting juveniles’ rights and futures.

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If you need juvenile crime defense who has the strength, compassion and experience to get results for you and your children, contact Attorney Lance Maningo at Maningo Law.  Call 702-XXX-XXXX or e-mail the firm to arrange a consultation about your child custody and support concerns.