Federal Criminal Defense

The procedure of fighting federal charges in Nevada is lengthy. As you fight the charges, there is no substitute for the service and guidance of skilled Las Vegas federal criminal defense lawyers. Maningo Law knows that when your rights, freedoms, and future are on the line, you need open, honest and direct legal defense. You will find that type of defense at this Las Vegas law firm.

Federal charges — whether they are federal drug charges or federal murder charges — occur in federal jurisdiction. If you are arrested for DUI at Lake Mead, for example, you need a skilled Lake Mead, Nevada, DUI attorney. Do not hesitate to schedule your consultation by calling 702-XXX-XXXX.

Effective Defense Against Federal Charges

Federal sentencing guidelines are more severe than state sentencing guidelines. The criminal defense attorneys at Maningo Law are dedicated to protecting your rights. They may be able to have the charges brought under state law, rather than federal law. The attorneys consistently look for opportunities to mitigate the consequences of a conviction.

Defense Attorney Lance Maningo is open, honest and direct. At Maningo Law they do not make empty promises and want clients to be prepared for all possibilities. You can confidently turn to the firm for the defense of federal crimes such as:


Drug crimes

Violent crimes

Murder and homicide

Financial crimes, including mortgage fraud, lending fraud, and other white-collar crimes



Sexual assault

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Civil Law

The Las Vegas law firm of Maningo Law provides responsible and professional representation in a full spectrum of civil law and litigation matters for plaintiffs and defendants

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Criminal Law

No one should have to face the power of the government without the benefit of an experienced attorney on their side. The criminal defense lawyers at Maningo Law aggressively pursue your best interest.

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If you need dedicated defense against federal charges, contact Attorney Lance Maningo of Maningo Law. Call 702-XXX-XXXX or e-mail the firm to arrange a consultation.