Defending Clients Against Serious Charges

If you have been charged with any violent crime, from kidnapping to sex crimes to murder, you want an attorney who has the ability to go all the way for you. Not every law firm is up to the task. Maningo Law is.

The criminal defense attorneys at Maningo Law, in Las Vegas, Nevada, are known for the thoroughness of their preparation and for the results they achieve for their clients. Some lawyers will take any deal that’s offered. Maningo Law stands up for what they know is right.

If taking a case to trial is the best way to reach a positive outcome for a client, that is what Maningo Law will do.


The attorneys of Maningo Law defend clients against serious charges, including:


Assault, aggravated assault, coercion, assault with deadly weapon, battery with weapon or substantial bodily harm,

Sex crimes, including statutory sexual seduction,



Maningo Law Gives It to You Straight

At Maningo Law, they are open, honest and direct with clients. They won’t promise you that everything is going to be fine. They want you to be prepared for all possibilities. They will explain the case against you and the possible consequences, and they will describe your legal options.

In every case, they will aggressively pursue the best possible result, whether that is a not-guilty verdict at trial or an attractive plea agreement. Their goal is always to minimize the potential negative consequences to you.

Maningo Law Involves You in Resolving Your Case

No one knows your case better than you do and no one cares more about the outcome. The attorneys of Maningo Law listen to their clients and keep them informed of the actions that are being taken on their behalf. You will get copies of the police report and discovery as well as copies of any motions or other documents Maningo Law prepares.

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Civil Law

The Las Vegas law firm of Maningo Law provides responsible and professional representation in a full spectrum of civil law and litigation matters for plaintiffs and defendants

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Criminal Law

No one should have to face the power of the government without the benefit of an experienced attorney on their side. The criminal defense lawyers of Maningo Law aggressively pursue your best interest.

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If you need a lawyer who has the strength, compassion, and experience to get results for you, contact Maningo Law. Call 702-XXX-XXXX or e-mail the firm to arrange a consultation.