Civil Appeals

If you were recently a plaintiff or defendant in a civil litigation case in Nevada that did not conclude favorably to you, you may have grounds for an appeal. Through a civil litigation appeal, you can ask the Court of Appeals or the Nevada Supreme Court to reconsider your case on the basis that the original trial was flawed for a reason such as the decision reached by the court does not comply with the law, evidence was allowed that should have been excluded, or evidence was improperly excluded.

The experienced attorneys at Maningo Law will thoroughly review your case from start to finish to determine if any issues exist that make your civil case appealable. Appeals are largely based on written arguments. Attorney Lance Maningo is experienced and qualified in making these arguments on your behalf in the proper court. We can represent you on your appeal whether we initially handled your case, or another attorney represented you.

If you feel that an unfair decision was made in a civil case in which you were either a plaintiff or defendant, contact Attorney Lance Maningo of Maningo Law. Call 702-XXX-XXXX or e-mail the firm to arrange a consultation.