Business Formation

The attorneys at Maningo Law help aspiring business owners in creating and operating successful businesses. If you are interested in turning your business dreams into viable opportunities, call the law office of Lance Maningo and Maningo Law today.

When starting a business in the current economic market, there are many unknowns out there for potential business owners.  Our team will sit down with you and discuss with you the different strategies in starting a business. Our attorneys will advise you on the legal, financial and contractual issues that can arise when starting a new business. Additionally, our attorneys can discuss with you which business model may be best for you, i.e. an LLC versus a corporation.

Deciding which business entity is best for you will be based on several different factors:

Who will own the business?

How many owners will there be?

Where will the business be located?

Who do you intend to do business with?

Will there be members or managers?

Who will own the business?

How many owners will there be?


After determining the best entity for our client, we then prepare all of the required business formation documents our clients will need to own a business. These include:

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Organization

Operating Agreements


Employment and/or Shareholder Agreements

Federal Employer Identification Numbers (EIN)

If you are interested in starting a business within the State of Nevada, call the law office of Maningo Law today for an initial consultation and business evaluation. The phone number to call is (702) XXX-XXXX.